Migliorin capsules for hair and nails

Price: 20.50 USD

Migliorin capsules for hair and nails developed for those with a particular interest in maintaining the health of their hair and nails, as well as great all round support for the skin. Dietary supplement with L – cystine and Panthotenic acid.

Direction for use: take 2 capsules per day, during the meals with water.

Ingredients: food gelatine (glycerine, iron oxide), soja – seed oil; wheat – germ oil, L – cystine 11, 97%, soja seed oil partial – hydrogenate, extracts from Millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) fruit (oily 6.5% - dry (*) 6.5%), L-methionine; yellow wax; d.e. (*) from Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L) plant parts above the ground , lecithin from soja, distilled water, hydrolyzed keratin, Pantothenic acid (D-pantothenate, calcium), 38%; Coloring: titanium dioxide.